Thank You!

The success of 2014 Pedal the Cause was unparalleled!  And it’s all because of you. Your strength, determination, and tireless fundraising efforts propelled us yet another huge step forward toward our goal: a world without cancer. This year we have doubled our numbers, both in ridership and in monies raised. We are now on track to fund $1,000,000 of innovative and life-saving cancer research that will stay here in San Diego. Last year, Pedal the Cause funded five important research grants to our local C3, the collaboration between UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center, Sanford-Burnham, and the Salk Institute. Those […]

Riding for Dollars (Or, How To Make Fundraising Fun)

Team Sanford-Burnham rider Ryon Graf has been cycling for years. He joined Pedal the Cause in 2013 because of his personal connection to cancer. But even for him, fundraising didn’t come easy. “I admit I’ve always felt a little awkward asking people for donations, so for this year I thought about doing some sort of fundraiser.” Instead of the traditional ask, Ryon came up with a pledge-based event. “I was inspired to do something to honor the stamina of cancer patients and the uphill battle they face, so I decided to do an uphill ‘battle’ and see how many times […]

Who Is Riding: Gary Johnston, Team Bike for the Big Guy

David Johnston was 6’5”, so naturally his nickname was “Big Guy.” But it was his always-positive attitude that his family remembers, especially during David’s short and intense battle with colon cancer. “Dad was never really bitter. He kept telling us you can’t look back, you have to look forward,” said his son, Gary, captain of Team Bike for the Big Guy. When David lost his battle in May, his wife Susan and their two boys were surrounded by support from their friends and extended family. They were looking for a way to channel that support and remember David in the […]

Team Duane Morris: Coming Together for a Cause

Last year, Barbara Murray was a breast cancer patient at Moores Cancer Center and cheered on her husband as he rode the Pedal the Cause two-day course. This year, Barbara is joining Brion on the road as the captain for Team Duane Morris LLP. “I am so proud of the firm’s involvement in Pedal the Cause!”  Not only is Duane Morris a sponsor of Pedal the Cause, but the firm has a team of 12 riders and 11 volunteers so far. The riders have committed to riding 1450 miles and raising $15,000. Duane Morris volunteers will be manning the first aid station […]

How to fundraise? Just tell your story.

Thank you for joining Pedal the Cause and for working towards a world without cancer! Event weekend is just seven weeks away, but fundraising is open until October 31st. While fundraising doesn’t come naturally to everyone, all it takes is telling your story and talking to people about why you are riding. You might be surprised by how many people have been touched by cancer and who are excited to support you. You joined Pedal for a reason – a strong one, given what you have committed to – and people you speak with will appreciate that. Whether that reason is because […]

Sanford-Burnham Hosts Pedal the Cause Forum

Last week, Sanford-Burnham opened its doors to the Pedal community and hosted our third Forum, focusing on drug development and discovery. The event was a huge success, with dozens of Pedal riders mingling and learning from two major names is science and pharmaceuticals, Sanford-Burnham’s Dr. Garth Powis and Pfizer’s Dr. Bob Abraham. Read more about the event from the Sanford-Burnham blog below, and check out photos on our Facebook page. Thanks to everyone who joined us!   From Sanford-Burnham’s Beaker: Pedal the Cause San Diego held the third installment of their Forums lecture series at our La Jolla campus Wednesday, […]

Who Is Riding: Lisa Rivera, Team UCSD Triton Commuters

“Cancer has affected me in many ways. I watched many of my close friends struggle with a parent who had cancer, some of who didn’t survive. It was difficult as a young child and at some point I realized just how prevalent cancer has become in our society.” A rising sophomore at UCSD, Lisa Rivera plans on being a researcher or doctor, inspired in part by her experiences with cancer. Recently her best friend, at only 20 years old, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. “It was terrible to watch her go through surgery and chemo but I am glad to say that just […]

Training for Your Ride

Training is an important part of Pedal the Cause to make sure you get to the starting line fit, healthy and ready to ride. Especially if you are looking to challenge yourself with a longer course, consistent training is what will get you there. Training Plans The Multisports team created training plans specifically for Pedal the Cause riders. To help you get started and stay motivated, every rider has access to training plans created by four of the biggest names in the sport of Ironman. Roch Frey, Paul Huddle, Paula Newby-Fraser and Heather Fuhr have designed these plans specifically for Pedal […]

Happy Father’s Day

Our riders are a diverse group, from world champion cyclists to total beginners; from researchers to lawyer; from kids to grandparents. In honor of Father’s Day, we are highlighting a few of the amazing dads who are part of the Pedal community. Nathan Chappell is a UC San Diego team and works in the Health Sciences Development department. “Being a fundraising professional is an extremely rewarding career.” It’s even more personal for Nathan and his family, “My wife and I had just started dating when she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer just before college. And two years ago, we lost […]

Your Work – Five Research Projects Funded by the 2013 Event

Getting on a bike for the first time can be intimidating. Riding farther than you ever have before can be scary. Asking someone to donate can feel uncomfortable. Helping to change the way we fight cancer is unforgettable. Today, every moment that you put in pays off. Today, we announced the five research projects that will be funded by your efforts, totally more than $400,000. Today, we say thank you to everyone who participated in the inaugural Pedal the Cause. You are an integral part of funding collaborative, translational research here in San Diego that could soon be saving lives. […]